All about a good read

Need a fun summer read? I've got you covered.

All about a good read

As the sweltering heat continues, you’re probably working out and trying to stay fit during bikini season. While it’s just in time for all the fun beach parties and social events, I would like to share a fun summer read that will make laying by the beach so much more enjoyable!

“Nice is Just a Place in France How to Win at Basically Everything” by The Betches (no pun intended) is a humorous satire written from the perspective of #Girls.

The book discusses dating, parties, dieting, college etc. It also focuses on "what you’re thinking, and afraid to say out loud". It has an excellent combination of sassy-ness, girl logic jokes and can be relatable to most girls. 

The best part about the book is how it tells girls to be independent and themselves. I love the message of female empowerment and being able to be your own person. The book really promotes being yourself and embracing all your faults, imperfections and realizing how you are amazing!

This book is for any girl who struggles with being her own person, or not knowing how to be independent. It's a great summer read! And you'll look cute reading it! 

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